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2010 계측 및 자동화 카탈로그 다운로드


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 >> 2010 카탈로그 전체 다운로드(zip, 26 MB)


제품군 별 다운로드 (해당 제품군을 클릭하여 PDF 파일 다운로드)

Measurement and Automation Software(3.7MB)

•NI Development Suite


•LabVIEW Add-On Modules and Toolkit

s•Instrument Drivers 

•Measurement Studio•LabWindows/CVI

•NI TestStand

•NI Switch Executive



•Multisim and Ultiboard


Real-Time and Embedded(1.0MB)

•LabVIEW Real-Time Module

•LabVIEW FPGA Module

•LabVIEW Embedded Development Module

•LabVIEW Real-Time Hardware Targets



•PXI and PXI Express Chassis

•PXI and PXI Express Embedded Controllers•PXI and PXI Express Remote Controllers

•Real-Time Controllers

•Data Acquisition Modules

•Modular Instrument Modules, Vision, Motion, and Bud Interface Modules


Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning(3.0MB)

•Measurement Services Software

•X Series Multifunction DAQ

•M Series Multifunction DAQ

•S Series Multifunction DAQ

•R Series Intelligent DAQ

•Handheld and USB Multifunction DAQ

•Voltage and Current Output

•Digital I/O


•SC Series DAQ with Signal Conditioning

•High-Precision DAQ

•NI CompactDAQ Modular USB DAQ System

•SCC Portable Modular Signal Conditioning

•SCXI Modular Signal Conditioning

Modular Instruments(1.7MB)

•Digital Multimeters

•Programmable Power Supply

•Dynamic Signal Acqusition

•High-Speed Measurement Devices


Signal Generators


RF and Wireless Test (0.4MB)

•RF Vector Signal Analyzer

•RF Vector Signal Generator

•IQ Arbitrary Waveform Generator



Industrial Control and Distributed I/O(0.4MB)

•Compact FieldPoint

•Industrial PCs and Touch Screen Monitors


FPGA-Based Control and Acquisition(0.9MB)


•C Series I/O Modules


Communication Buses and Protocols(0.6MB)

•CAN Interfaces and CANopen Software

•DeviceNET Interfaces

•Serial Interfaces




•Hardware for PCI Express, PCI, and PXI




•Hardware for PCI Express, PCI, and PXI


GPIB Instrument Control(0.7MB)

•PCI Express Controller

•PC and PXI Controllers

•Hi-Speed USB and Ethernet Controllers


VXI and VME(0.1MB)